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We developed a Vision and objectives statement setting out the future for the town centre as an attractive, sustainable and vibrant place. This statement came from work we undertook in Autumn 2014.

We spoke to 1,000 people in September – October 2014 when we asked three key questions to find out what they like about Stroud, what they don’t like and the most important things that they would change.  The following charts show the percentage of people spoken to who mentioned the responses shown:

Things people like about Stroud

Things people don’t like about Stroud

Things that it is most important to change about Stroud

This initial feedback helped to inform an emerging vision which was tested at an open public consultation event held on 15 November 2014. 400 people attended this event at which there were displays, presentations and opportunities to comment. 150 people responded to a series of statements about there vision for Stroud. These statements asked what people would most like Stroud to be like

in 20 years’ time, Stroud Town centre will be an accessible, attractive, welcoming, living, working, economically successful, culturally diverse, vibrant and socially and environmentally conscious place where …….

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