Brewery Bridge_v1Evidence documents produced for the neighbourhood plan also appear on the evidence page and are embedded within Appendix E Basic Conditions Statement Evidence report. This links page includes other resources and historic material.

Local Plan


There is additional material relating sites covering by zonal policies.

Assets in Stroud Town Council area July 2015

Cheapside Neighbourhood Opportunities Report November 2013

Flooding and Flood Risk Matters

Flood Risk Planning Practice Guidance

Housing and economic needs assessments Planning Practice Guidance

Housing and economic land availability assessments Planning Practice Guidance

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (including flood defences)

SDC Property Manager meeting May 2015

SDC Regeneration and Housing Officers meeting May 2015

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Stroud Valleys Initiative, SDC Report December 2014

Stroud Waterfront Report, 2007

STC Policies towards Development Control, 1993

Viability Planning Practice Guidance

Water Adds Value, Canal and Rivers Trust, 2014


Association of Town and City Management

Business seminar 16 January 2015

Community Impacts of Supermarkets, Friends of the Earth

Ecotricity meeting April 2015

Ensuring the vitality of towns Planning Practice Guidance

Farmer Market Consultation Town Centre Interviews May 2014

Farmers Market Consultation Telephone Interviews May 2014

High Street Performance and Evolution: a brief guide to the evidence, 2014

Housing and economic needs assessments Planning Practice Guidance

Jobs and Growth Plan, Stroud District Council

Making Stroud Greater – towards an economic strategy Part 1 presentation 16.1.15

Making Stroud Greater – towards an economic strategy Part 2 presentation 16.1.15

Making Stroud Greater – towards an economic strategy Part 3 presentation 16.1.15

Planning persmissions for change of use 2010 – 15

Re-imaging urban spaces to help revitalise our high streets, 2012

Retail Impact Statement 2013

Retail Proposal Statement June 2015

Retail Toolkit to developing successful town centres, gFirst local enterprise partnership for Gloucestershire

Stepping Out: Towards an action plan for Stroud’s evening economy, 2005

Stroud Against Supermarket Saturation

Stroud Chamber of Trade Survey results 2010

Stroud District Employment Land Study

Stroud Town Centres and Retailing Study

Stroud Town Centre Management Report

Stroud Town Centre Management Strategy 2000 – 2003

Stroud Retail Study Update 2013

Uses of non domestic properties in the NDP area June 2015

Market Towns Monitoring Study 2003 – 2006

Stroud District Council commissioned a Market Towns study in October 2003 with the overall aim of “providing baseline information, guidance and advice geared towards assisting communities to successfully formulate their own Action Plans to kick-start the co-ordinated development of their towns under the Market and Coastal Towns Initiative and Countryside Agency Health check Programme”. The findings of this study are split into separate sections which can be accessed via the links below.

Stroud District Market Towns Study Phase 2 Report 2004

Stroud District Market Towns Study Phase 3 Report 2004

Stroud Town Centre Boundary in Market Towns Study 2004

Stroud Public Transport Facilities, 2004

Stroud Vehicular Access Car Parking 2004

Stroud Walkng and Cycling Accessibility 2004

Stroud Town Centre Shoppers Surveys:

2004 Stroud Shopper Survey – First Results

2004 Stroud Shopper Surveys – Second Results

2005 Stroud Shopper Survey

2006 Stroud Shopper Survey

Stroud Town Centre Monitoring Study Results:

2003 Monitoring Study Data Compendium

2004 Monitoring Study Results

2005 Monitoring Study Results

2006 Monitoring Study Results

Stroud Pedestrian Count Locations


Community Green report on using local spaces to tackle inequality and improve health, Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment

Conservation Area Appraisals

Conserving and enhancing the historic environment Planning Practice Guidance

Design Planning Practice Guidance

Environmental Audit Part 1, Stroud Town Centre, 1999

Environment Audit Part 2, Stroud Town Centre, 1999

Environmental Audit Action Plan for Stroud Town Centre, 1999

Good Practice Guide for Local Heritage Listing Historic England

Industrial Heritage Conservation Area Design Guide

Listed and historic buildings report for 15 Nov 2014 RR

Listed Buildings in Stroud

Public Realm Strategy, 2009

Residential Design Guide – Supplementary Planning Guidance, 2000

Shop Fronts in Stroud – a design guide, 2007

Stroud Civic Society

Stroud Story – Stroud District Task Force, 2001

Stroud Town Centre Conservation Area Statement 2007

Stroud Preservation Trust

Stroud Local History Society

Stroudwater Textile Trust

Tress in Hard Landscaping: a guide for delivery, Trees and Design Action Group



Air Quality Planning Practice Guidance

Buildium’s Sustainable Landscaping Guide

Climate Change Planning Practice Guidance

Environment, ecology and energy seminar 23 February 2015

Fluvial Flood Map 2014

Greenspaces Management Plan

Greenways Report, 1996

Habitat Regulations Assessment

Stroud Neighbourhood Plan – HRA

Landscape Sensitivity Appraisal

Living Spaces – A Strategy for Stroud’s Play Areas and Greenspaces, 2004

Local Green Space Designation, Cotswold District Council

Natural Environment Planning Practice Guidance

Open Space Planning Practice Guidance

Parish Footpath Survey

Renewable Energy Planning Practice Guidance

Surface Water Flood Map 2014

SEA-HRA Determination

Strategic Environmental Assessments Planning Practice Guidance

Stroud Strategic Environmental Assessment – Screening Report

Sustainability Appraisal: Scoping Report Consultation Draft 

Stroud Landscape Assessment – Supplementary Planning Guidance 2000

Stroud’s Potential Green Spaces February 2015

Stroud Valley Projects

The Importance of Green Spaces in Stroud

Transition Stroud

Wildlife Sites Planning Practice Guidance



Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document, 2008

Culture and heritage seminar 24 February 2015

Cultural Strategy for Stroud Town Council, 2004

Creative Industries in Gloucestershire 2005

Gloucestershire Association for Voluntary and Community Action

Health and wellbeing Planning Practice Guidance

Health Profiles for Stroud District 2006 – 2014

Housing and economic needs assessments Planning Practice Guidance

Housing Trend Analysis Population Household Projections, 2011

Housing seminar 9 February 2015

LOTS list

MAIDeN Neighbourhood Profile  for Stroud Central Ward

Population Growth and Total Housing Requirements for Stroud District, 2012

Population Growth and Total Housing Requirements for Stroud District Update, 2013

Residents meeting 5 February 2015

St Laurence Church meeting April 2015

STC Cultural Strategy (undated)

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Strategic Housing Market Assessment, 2009

Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update, 2014

Stroud Housing Strategy 2015-19

Stroud Housing Needs Assessment, 2010

Stroud Valleys Artspace meeting August 2015

Voluntary and Community Action Stroud

What the 2011 Census tells us about Stroud town centre



Average Vehicle Flows Data 2013 -14, May 2015

Better Streets for Stroud 2005

Canal Survey 2004

Car Parking Capacity August 2015

Collisions causing personal injury reported to the police 2012 -14, May 2015

Cotswold Canals Trust

Cycling Options for Stroud

Experimental Waiting Restrictions March 2015

Footbridge counts for non station use August 2015

GCC highways meeting May 2015

International Cycling Infrastructure Best Practice Study

Local Transport Plan

Local Transport Plan Evidence Base Review March 2014

LTP Evidence Base Review Supporting Document March 2014

LTP Review Stakeholder Workshops Dececember 2014

Network Rail meeting May 2015

Station Car Parks Average Counts

Permanent Waiting Restrictions Changes 2015

Stroud Rail Station Survey July 2015

Transport and movement seminar 4 March 2015

Transport Planning Practice Guidance

STC Transport Policies, 1993

STC Transport Plan 2001 – 06

Walking and Transport Strategy, 2004

Water Adds Value, Canal and Rivers Trust, 2014

Stroud Public Transport Facilities, 2004

Stroud Vehicular Access Car Parking 2004

Stroud Walking and Cycling Accessibility 2004

2003 Monitoring Study Data Compendium

Waiting Restrictions Proposals November 2014

Resources about planning

Examples of lots of other neighbourhood development plans across England

Campaign for Rural England Guide CPRE Guide to Neighbourhood Planning

Communities and Local Government (Department of) National Planning Policy Framework

Gloucestershire Rural Community Council has further resources and advice on neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap from Locality

Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide from Locality

Planning Advisory Service provides guidance and resources

Shaping the heart of Stroud Newsletter October 14

Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Plans from Locality

Writing Planning Policies for neighbourhood plans, guidance from Locality

Other information

Launch Event Report

Launch event briefing paper

Getting Involved Form

Publicity Banners October 2015

Stroud District Council meeting with NDP March 2015

Next Steps Postcard March 2015

options questionnaire

Spiritual Focus Group

Letter to town and parish councils April 2015

Rodborough Parish Council members April 2015

Localism and Neighbourhood Planning, presentation to Royal Agricultural University Conference held November 2014

Project Stroud – Report 2004

Stroud: a town changed by community action, Stroud Community TV

Stroud Community Planning Conference – Report 1996

Stroud District Council

Stroud Town Council

Stroud Futures_Report of a visioning workshop_25 June 2013

Vision of Britain maps, trends and descriptions of Stroud 1801 to 2001

Your Comments – Our Responses, Stroud Town Council, 2009