Work on options for the plan was shaped through an options workshop 4 February 2015 and a series of thematic workshops.

In March 2015 we collected views on the options for the town centre.  We held an options consultation event 7 March 2015, a further event 14 March 2015 and ran a ‘pop up shop’ during the intervening week to display photos, maps and ideas on which we sought feedback.

The Options Quesionnaire Full Results shows the comments that were made and the  Yes-No Responses to Options Questions (March 2015)v2 shows the extent of agreement or disagreement with a series of options.

These related to 7 zones we have identified in the Plan area. You can view these zones on this map. Possible policies for inclusion in the plan are illustrated through the following links:

The Core Zone

Merrywalks Zone

Beeches Green Zone

The Hill Zone

Railway Zone

Canal – Frome Zone

Lansdown – Nelson Zone

We also displayed material and invited comments on a range of themes. In addition to the zones these headings are used in the feedback within the Options Quesionnaire Full Results

Sustaining the Economy

Enhancing the Environment

Strengthening the Social and Cultural Fabric

Creating a Healthy Place

Improving Accessibility

Material displayed at the Options Exhibition included the following:


Stroud’s Potential Green Spaces

Pedestrian and Cycling Routes

Town Centre Circulation and Pedestrianisation

Special Places and Arrival Points

Options for policies on heritage assets

Local listing – an option for Stroud Town Centre

Condition of Stroud Town Centre Conservation Area

Potential Stroud Docklands

Photoviewpoint Locations