Consultation throughout the process of creating the plan is set out in full in these documents, including the six week period of consultation on the pre-submission plan which ran from 3 October to 14 November 2015.

Consultation Statement


Shaping the Vision

The plan reflects a vision for Stroud tested through initial consultation, and at a large scale event in September – November 2014, during which we spoke to over 1,000 people. The responses are here.

Developing the Options

We ran an options consultation event 7 March 2015 and a further options consultation event 14 March 2015. In that week we ran a town centre pop up shop in order to look in detail at the options to deal with particular aspects of the plan and looking and specific parts of the town centre. The results are here.


We also issued a separate questionnaire seeking public comments about the potential for the use of land at Wallbridge. The feedback was reported to the Town Council.

Report of consultation for Stroud Town Council 1.12

Annex A Wallbridge Questionnaire

Appendix B Public comments on Wallbridge 15 November 2014

Appendix C Report on land at Wallbridge

The Town Council has called for the land to be open space and is developing proposals on the future of this land with interested parties and the District Council.

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