For the first time the people of Stroud were given a chance to shape its heart. Work to develop a plan for the town centre took place between July 2014 and November 2015, and concluded with a referendum on 18 August 2016. The Plan was adopted by Stroud District Council on 27th October 2016. Their Decision Statement can be viewed on their website.

The Stroud Town Centre Neighbourhood Development Plan now forms part of the statutory Development Plan for the District of Stroud.

Hard copies of the plan can be purchased at the Stroud Town Council office for £15.

The town centre – where we either live, work, shop, visit, play and more, will be shaped by a neighbourhood plan.

Cheapside Car Park
Cheapside Car Park

Following public consultation Stroud Town Council submitted the plan to Stroud District Council (because it is the local planning authority). Following extensive consultation and an independent examination the referendum held on Thursday 18 August 2016, was open to all Stroud parish residents on the electoral register.

The plan was supported by a majority in a referendum of residents so the plan will now adopted by the District Council and become a statutory document.

This means will mean that the plan will be taken into account when planning applications are considered and planning proposals are made. The plan also contains action points, promotional policies and implementation measures.

To find out more have a tour around this website.